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Bee Brothers Industry

Welcome to Bee Brothers Industry

Manufacturer & Supplier of Safety Work wears

We produce all kinds of safety wears at competitive pricing.

Bee Brothers Industry

Are you looking for a safety workwear manufacturer in Pakistan?

Look no further than Bee Brothers Industry in Pakistan. We specialize in producing industrial work clothing for various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

We produce high-quality safety wear made from durable materials that can withstand exposure to hazardous substances and provide reliable protection for the wearer.

Your Trustworthy Pakistan Workwear Manufacturer

Bee Brothers Industry

Bee Brothers Industry is a manufacturer of custom workwear uniforms in Sialkot, Pakistan. We’ve been supplying outdoor apparel and workwear to global companies since 2020. We specialize in manufacturing workwear for men and women and present eclectic styles.

Whether you require liveries for your staff, safety gear for your plant employees, or anything in between, we can produce a perfect solution for you. Our employees have more than ten years of experience in the safety & protective clothing industry, so you can trust us to deliver quality safety products every time.

Our mission is to be the leading workwear manufacturer in the safety industry. Our aim is to create long-term relationships with our clients and help them grow in their businesses.

Top Quality

Logo Embroidery

We offer safety logo embroidery solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.


How We Process Your Orders

First step

Fabric Treatment

The order process starts with checking the quality of the fabric used in the safety workwear. The fabric should be durable, flame-resistant, and comfortable to wear.

Our company inspector checks for any defects in the fabric, such as holes, tears, or stains. They also check if the fabric meets the safety standards set by regulatory bodies.

Second Step


The production of safety workwear involves several steps to ensure the quality. The first step in the production of safety workwear is designing the product.

Next, they are cut into the appropriate shapes and sizes according to the design specifications. Next, the pieces of fabric are sewn together to form the final garment.

Final Step

Quality Control

Throughout the production process, quality control measures are taken to ensure that each garment meets industry standards and regulations for safety workwear.

This includes inspecting each garment for defects or flaws and testing them for durability and flame resistance. Next, they are shipped to their final destination.


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Fabric Sewing
Check And Packing
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Years Experience
Strict Quality Inspection system

Quality Management Team

We have an expert quality management team who inspects all safety wear products thoroughly before final dispatch to the client.

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Bee Products

Certified Business By SCCI

We are our regional business chamber The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry authorized company and this certificate confirms our credibility.

SCCI And FBR Certified Firm


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