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Bee Brothers Industry

Bee Brothers Industry

Stainless Steel Bee Smoker

Stainless Steel Bee Smoker


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • The outer ring of the canister has a heat insulation design
  • Excellent engineering design can maximize the amount of windblown out
  • Size: 4” wide by 7” tall.
  • Made in Pakistan

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This top-selling stainless steel Bee Smoker is an essential tool for beekeepers. This particular one works great for hobbyists who have just a couple of hives. This Bee Smoker has a built-in hanging hook, wire shield for protection from burns, and leather bellow with metal trim for extra durability.


Built-in Hanging Hook in our Bee Smoker

WIre Shield for Heat Protection

Leather Bellows with Metal Trim for Durability

Using the Stainless Steel Smoker:

When honeybees sense Smoker in the hive, they will start eating up stored honey in case they need to abandon the hive due to fire. This gorging of honey causes the abdomen to become enlarged making it harder for honey bees to sting. The smoke also camouflages alarm pheromones. Once lit, just puff a bit of Bee Smoker at the entrance and top of the hive.

Our Recommendations:

With all smokers that only have the lifting plate at the bottom of the burning pot, we highly recommend finding a steel can that fits inside to ensure the longevity of your smoker. You will end up replacing the can every few years but your Bee Smoker will last for years to come. In terms of fuel, we recommend using something like burlap. We have found over our years of beekeeping that burlap holds coals nicely to ensure you will have a smoke when you need it.

About us:

We also committed to our clients to provide Bee Brushes that are widely used to clean waxes from the honeycomb.

Soft, pliable as well as extremely flexible, our brushes are available in various sizes, colors, and designs at the most competitive prices.

In complement to this, we manufacture all our brushes using high-quality nylon/horsehair, procured from trusted vendors of the market.

In addition to this, we have the capability to customize all our products as per the demands and requirements of customers.

Contact us:

If you have any questions & or queries about Bee Smoker, please use the contact form or email us at [email protected]

We respond to all queries within a few hours, if you have urgent questions, please call us or WhatsApp at 92-315-4806812


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