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Bee Brothers Industry

Bee Brothers Industry

Beekeeping Frame Grip Tool

Beekeeping Frame Grip Tool


  • Rounded handles make for an easy grip.
  • This frame grip is as tough as all the others but at a portion of the cost.
  • This handy tool features a combination frame Grip tool
  • Loosen the frame with the tool end then grip
  • A wonderful beekeeping equipment tool to protect the bee sting
  • Made of stainless steel material & anti-rusty
  • The frame grip is used to clamp the top bar of a frame to remove the frames from the hive
  • Durable spring, stainless steel handle, more precise capture of the framework
  • Lifting the frames from the hive becomes an easy job
  • Made in Pakistan

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A beehive frame grip tool beekeepers use to remove frames from beehives. They are useful because they easily remove heavy frames while allowing one hand to be free.

Beehive Frame Grip Tool – Wide handles make it easy to remove a frame from your brood chamber or honey super. With the grip clamped down on a frame, you can lift with one hand and inspect with the other, making hive inspections, or honey harvesting a breeze.

Works with all types of frames: wooden, plastic, deep, medium, or shallow.


Frames should be loosened up using a hive tool before removing them with the frame grip

Wide handles make it comfortable for most hands

Works with all types of frames wood or plastic and all different depths

Use this tool instead of your fingertips

Heavy-duty metal construction

Grasps onto the top bar of a frame making pulling the frame from your beehive a breeze

Frame Grip With Manipulation Tool

This frame grip is different from the others in that it has a manipulation tool on one end. The tool can be used similarly to a hive tool. Use it to loosen frames before removing them or to scrape propolis. This frame grip is a nice, compact size and has a strong grip.

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Country of Production:

We produced all beekeeping products including Bee Beehive Frame Grip Tool proudly in our factory in Sialkot, zip code 51310, Pakistan. We do not import any bee products from other countries & used only made-in-Pakistan materials in our bee supplies products. We always stand behind our products, feel free to contact us if you need any help with this Frame Grip Tool.

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