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Bee Brothers Industry

Bee Brothers Industry

Beekeeping Ventilated Jacket

Beekeeping Ventilated Jacket


  • Bee Ventilated Jacket with removable fencing veil
  • Elasticated waistband and elastic thumb loops to keep everything comfortably in place
  • Four pockets & self-fastening flaps
  • Heavy-duty zippers & double mesh
  • Unisex bee jacket design for men & women
  • Made in Pakistan

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A beekeeping ventilated jacket is a specialized protective garment designed for beekeepers to wear during hive inspections and honey harvesting. These jackets are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and mesh, and are designed to provide full coverage of the body while also allowing for ventilation to prevent overheating.

One of the key features of a beekeeping ventilated jacket is the hood, which is typically made from mesh or another breathable material. The hood is designed to fit snugly around the beekeeper’s head and neck, providing complete protection from bee stings while also allowing for visibility and ease of movement.

In addition to the hood, a beekeeping ventilated jacket may also feature elastic cuffs and waistbands to prevent bees from entering the jacket through gaps in the fabric. Some jackets also come with built-in gloves or wrist cuffs to provide additional protection for the hands and wrists.

When choosing a beekeeping ventilated jacket, it is important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, and level of protection. Look for jackets made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand repeated use in a variety of weather conditions.

Our beekeeping ventilated bee jacket with a round veil is specially made for beekeepers to protect from bees stung because we have been in this industry for a long time so we know what is right for beekeepers’ protection from bees stung. Beekeepers wear suits because they frequently get up close and personal with thousands of stinging insects.


  • Our ventilated bee jacket with a round veil is very easy to use because the mesh material makes the beekeeper jacket easy to wear and keeps you cool even on a warmer day!
  • This jacket is made of 3 layers of heavy-duty mesh and features a round-shaped veil, which is removable just like the other components.
  • This jacket is having four pockets.
  • Composed of fair sturdy mesh, this veil certainly does the job of keeping the bees well clear of your face.
  • This jacket is not washable.


Perhaps the best thing about this bee windy jacket though is its comfort. It’s a very foolish beekeeper that prioritizes comfort overprotection but, if you regularly work for hours at a time, getting a suit that doesn’t leave you clammy and sweat-soaked is actually a major bonus. Made of breathable mesh, this bee windy jacket is up to the job.

For this same reason, this is a great beekeeping protective jacket for more professional beekeepers who manage larger apiaries and therefore have longer working hours. It is also the ideal jacket for those working in warmer climates. If you are a beekeeper who keeps long hours and works in a warm climate, this might actually be your top priority.


We recommend you please don’t wash this bee windy jacket in the washing machine because it will damage your jacket.

Overall, a beekeeping ventilated jacket is an essential piece of protective gear for anyone who works with bees on a regular basis. By providing full coverage and ventilation, these jackets help ensure that beekeepers can work safely and comfortably while tending to their hives.

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